I’m 10 years old, and I live in Hamilton next to a cool gully that has insects, birds and even glowworms in it. My favourite cicada is a Campbell cicada, because it is very friendly, you can treat it like a pet, and they are easy to keep alive. The coolest cicada I’ve found was the blue Chorus you can see on page 17.

I’m interested in all insects, as well as birds, frogs and lizards, and like to help out with local conservation projects. I love to read, especially books on insects and birds, but also fantasy fiction books like Harry Potter. My ideal day would be spent finding an Iolanthe cicada, as we’ve been chasing them all around the country, and haven’t even heard one yet.

I know most other kids aren’t as interested in insects as I am, but this doesn’t make me think that insects are any less cool. I really like the fact that only children can hear the high-pitched cicadas, I think this makes people who can find these cicadas special.

I was invited to speak at the New Zealand Entomological Society conference this year! You can watch my mom's video of the talk here.